You can see the Muela del Diablo looking over La Paz from pretty much anywhere in zona sur of La Paz. I don’t think you can see it from the centre but it’s easy and accessible. It mean Devils Tooth but during my time here I’ve referred to it as Devils Finger, Devils Toe and Devils whatever else springs to mind.

I started my journey from Jupapina which is where I am staying to the south of the city. Actually you can see it from here and it’s one reason I was so desperate to get up there. From Jupapina you can take busses but I was advised to take a taxi for 90bs and sometimes it’s best to do what the people who know tell you to. You can get a bus to Pedregal and then walk up the hill to Chiaraque. They should gonfrom Plaza Humbolt in the south of the city or from the main road where all the busses go-just look for the signs on the minibuses. I’d advise you to get a Mallasa taxi from the rank in Plaza Humbolt. The starting town of the trek is not nice and has some vicious dogs.

Tell the taxi to take you up to the base but I would get out towards the top just before you reach Chiaraque as there are beautiful views of La Paz. I didn’t do this and I regret it. Then you can follow the road through the village and up to the tooth. I was dropped off close by and you can see that another set of hills blocks the views of the city although it is spectacular none the less.

When you reach the tooth you will find that without climbing equipment you can’t go very high. There is a path but watch out as it suddenly stops. But do go up as it’s worth it for the views.

I was there on June 21st and this is a public holiday as it is the New Year. There was a party going on as there seems to be a lot in La Paz, which is great fun. I watched the dancing for a while before setting off on my journey.

Now I suspect you are thinking what’s the point in going on a hike if you take a taxi all the way up. Well I ended walking 13 kilometres that day and essentially what I did was walk down. The tooth is closer to 4000 metres altitude so walking up is tough and this is a good hike to try if you want to go up some of the bigger mountains. There is a path that follows the ridge overlooking the valley of Mallasa and Jupapina and from the end you can get a bus back to the city. It’s all downhill and I didn’t see another person all day so I’d reccomend. From the tooth follow the road away from the village and you will see this.

As you walk further away the views get better.

And I also saw some hay piles which is a little Blair witch-I’ve since seen these in many places.

After about 30mins there will be a gate blocking your path. You can enter on the right and don’t worry it’s perfectly find for you to do so. The path again is on but it’s not 100% accurate so make sure you follow the most obvious path at all times. After about another hour you will come to another gate. Again go though and keep following.

Here are the views of the valley where I have been staying.

You can actually see my house in some. Keep following the path, some is overgrown, until you reach a wide flat area with some trees on the right. Then follow the cobble road, there are several roughed you can take, until you reach the bottom. Then walk to the main road and take any bus back to town. It took me about 3 hours at a slow pace and it’s not a technical trail! Enjoy.