Sitting on an empty road in the Atacama desert, Chile

In January 2018 I quit my Project Manager role at BAFTA and decided to travel the length of South America. I brought a one way ticket and had a vague plan of visiting six countries: Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia. I thought I would be away for 3-6 months but ended there for 11.

Before I left I’d never really hiked, I’d only travelled solo once and I couldn’t speak any Spanish. I ended up travelling the length of the Andes and visited a lot of places not on the Gringo Trail. I climbed mountains, traversed deserts, spent days in the jungle and generally bumbled my way around with the the help of locals, travellers, new friends and blogs. It was the best year of my life.

I have recently moved to Buenos Aires with my Colombian wife, Angela and 5 year old son, Lorenzo. I’m working remotely as a Project and Product Manager and I continue to write about the places that I visit. Especially the hikes.

I’m happy to answer any questions so do leave a comment.

Hope you enjoy the blog.


On the summit of Cerro La Campana following in Darwin’s footsteps, Chile