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Purmamarca, Tilcara and the Argentine Salt Flats

On the second Sunday I was at Aldea Luna i was given the opportunity to visit some of the special places in the Jujuy Provence. Having just read Yes Man and knowing I wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity I jumped at the change. Martin was our driver for the day and I went on the trip with Leandro and Laura. I’m going to make this post photo heavy and less writing as the photos speak for themselves (if you would like to read about my time there you can in the previous post).

It took and hour to get back to Jujuy and after an hour of driving the landscape had changed from lush green mountains to much higher mountains with cactus-I was informed this was a dry region. Our first stop was Pumamarca, made famous but the mountain of seven colours.

The next stop was the Argentine Salt lakes (I can’t remember their official name) and to get there we had to climb to over 4000 metres before we reach the lakes that are somewhere over 3000 metres. Pumamarca is at 2000 metres so the road climbs over two kilometres in about an hour. It’s the highest I’d ever been and I felt the altitude. These photos were taken on the drive to the lakes.

When we arrived at the Salt Lakes it had rained, which is why you see that mirroring effect. I was pretty excited as it’s on my bucket list to visit the Salt lakes in Bolivia. I didn’t realise they were so close here and it was my first proper taste of the Andes! It just gave me a glimpse of how vast this beautiful country is.

Last on the list was Tilcara, the regions party town, getting ready for Carnival that I’d miss as I still had two weeks at Aldea Luna. This was Laura’s last stop and we had a wonder around the town and dropped Laura off at her hostel. Then it was a long drive back to Aldea Luna (if you would like to read about my time there you can in the previous post)


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