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London to Madrid

Today I work up at 5am, packed away my sleeping bag. Took one last look at my room and picked up my bags. I was hesitant to leave the house having left the key on my desk upstairs and I was worried I had forgotten something. Even though I had meticulously packed my bags the day before, for the second time, I suppose I knew once I had shut the door that was the end of my fifth Brockley life.

Today I fly to Salta Argentina, via Madrid and Buenos Aries. Back in October I decided to quit my job at BAFTA and travel to South America. Patagonia being the main draw. Here I am three months later sitting at Madrid airport, having resisted Burger King and opted for a salad-small wins-still wondering what I’m really doing. As with everything in life it feels so normal. On the train to the airport my biggest fear was that the fonts don’t match on this blog when I publish from the app-it’s kinda hard to sort out the html from an iPhone-and this really bothered me until I realised it doesn’t matter.

Checkin went smoothly along with the security check before I was walking through Duty Free and realised I no longer had my passport. A massive panic and help from the amazing staff at the security checking area and I had it back in about 5minutes. This made me realise two things. If you are going to lose key documents do it in a highly secure area. And that I really did want to board the plane.

Then something really wonderful happened. I was able to meet up with my lovely cousin Sharon, who has been really supportive since I told her I was going. One of my goals in life is to have someone meet me at the airport when I land but the was actually better and had a really nice chat.

Other than having a small child kick my seat the entire flight here it’s been uneventful. You might be surprised to hear that I made friends with the parents, who were really sweet. And yeah I suppose thats what this trip is about. Doing things differently and looking at life from new perspectives.


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Kindness of Strangers

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  1. Barbara

    Good luck Ray hope you have a great time x

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